A nonprofit can have the greatest intentions, the most well-regarded mission, and the best public relations, but it will simply not sustain itself if it cannot maintain an adequate stream of funding. However, in our age of pervasive network technology, the avenues for connecting nonprofits with potential donors are far more numerous, direct, and effective than ever before. 

The nonprofit world has taken note of trends in enterprise and has started to adopt software solutions based on customer relationship management (CRM) tools that have gained traction in the for-profit sector, as well as other technology-enhanced solutions for finance and analytics. Let us take a look at the solutions that are offered by Blackbaud (along with its subsidiary Convio) and Artez Interactive. 

Blackbaud (and Convio)
Blackbaud’s core offering is The Raiser’s Edge. This donor database system integrates many crucial fundraising systems together. One of its most noteworthy benefits to nonprofits is that it enables Target Analytics. It is easy to analyze a individual’s propensity to give, as well as measure performance of the organization as a whole compared to others in the same field. Blackbaud itself offers training and consulting services to help nonprofits arrive at the most effective solutions to their fundraising needs, notably in the use of analytics. 

Convio is another traditional leader in this market, with similar offerings, and was purchased by Blackbaud in 2012. The two companies are still in the process of merging expertise and technologies, while Convio is managing its legacy customers. However, Convio offers a program called Go! that is intended to help organizations make the maximum returns on their investment in websites and other new technologies. 

Artez Interactive
Artez Interactive is a competitor with a suite of fundraising tools. The focus is not just on traditional avenues of fundraising and on technology enhanced solutions, but also on what it dubs “Friendship Powered Fundraising.” These solutions focus on embracing multi-channel fundraising via features such as integrated donation buttons on Facebook and an official Artez App for mobile fundraising. 

These are just a few of the software solutions that leverage modern technology in order to empower nonprofits to meet their fundraising needs. Contact us to learn more.