All it takes to raise money for your nonprofit business is for you to tap into a skill that you already have. You simply have to care about your donors and do whatever you can to nurture and expand your relationships with them over time.

Retain Your Donors

Many charities focus on trying to bring in new donors almost exclusively. Many make the effort to contact people who have donated before through mailers or by phone. However, they often do very little to make these people feel special or valued.

In addition to contacting these people when you're trying to raise money, you should also send them valuable gifts and have exceptional events for them. This goes hand in hand with providing value. As a donor stays with your organization, giving steadily every year, you should acknowledge that by giving them better thank you gifts every year as well.

If you think of your nonprofit like a business, you will think outside of the tie clip/vinyl organizer/cookie and punch meetings box and start to think of more useful and interesting pledge gifts and events.

For example, if your charity funds the arts, rent a radio station for a night and allow your members to go on air singing and reading poetry, whatever; while they are attending an awesome party in the background. Get creative.

Figure Out What Makes Your Company Appealing to Givers

Market research is not a common tactic for charities to use. However, it can help to streamline your efforts and really help you target the people who are more inclined to give you more money.

For example, if your organization raises money for single mothers, you might find after some market research that many of your donors are people who grew up in single mother run households; or who were single mothers at one point in their lives, and who understand the struggle. More often than not, when you get to know your givers a little better, you will often find kindred spirits and like minds in many of them.

Focus and Don't Waste Time

Once you've determined the types of people who give to your charity, it is important to focus on them at least 70% of the time or more with your advertising, if you want to be successful with social entrepreneurship.

There will be other people who will give to your nonprofit from other walks of life, so it's important not to forget them. However, many nonprofits spend 100% of their marketing efforts every year attempting to draw in anyone their message can reach. This lack of focus is a waste of time.

For example, if you ran a charity for retired bikers that didn't work enough to pay a lot into the social security system and therefore don't have a lot of money now, would it be better to spend 70% of your time in biker bars and in places that bikers like to go, or 70% of your time at popular citywide food festivals where a lot of random people will be?

Start treating your nonprofit like the next successful start up and receive the unique and rewarding results that can follow. Contact us to learn more.