The more I work with and talk to various non-profits the more I am learning that there is an entire sector of the organizational world that has not fully embraced the power of online tools. Today I would like to start by showing you that every organization, whether you are a for-profit business or a non-profits, needs to have certain functions (or departments) in order to operate. I have condensed them into the slide below. 

What I want you to take away from this slide is that of all the functions listed in the pyramid, every single of one of them has an online tool that is either free or so cheap that there is no reason why you should be employing people for each of these jobs. 

When I was writing up this blog entry I was tempted to just list all of the other tools out there that can help your business but I am not going to do that. My goal is to really help you digest just the bare essentials here in this post. My next couple of posts will have each of these broken down along with the various online tools that you can to execute them. As always my goal is not to put anyone out of a job, but to help you run better, leaner, and fasters. It all goes back to that old saying, "Work smarter, not harder."