The world of Social Entrepreneurship is quickly evolving and numerous resources can now be found on the internet.  While funding and inspiration can still be a challenge, every day you can find new and exciting ways to stretch your ability to effect real social change.

We have gathered some examples that you may find to be helpful in making your own social change dream a reality: is a great way to easily create and publicize your own campaign to bring about social change.  It's very simple to start a petition which can lead to engaging with your potential support base.  It is a perfect way to get the conversation started.  They will also give you many tips on how to effectively use social media to relay your message to the masses.

" is a social action platform that empowers anyone, anywhere to start, join, and win campaigns to change the world."

DRK Foundation
The Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation can provide mentoring and funding to social entrepreneurs.  They aim to be involved from the planning stages and be there to help your ideas and solutions make a real world impact.  Their case studies page on their website offers some inspirational and interesting reading.

"Since 2002, we have funded a variety of extraordinary organizations making lasting change in the world. As global issues emerge and entrepreneurs devise ground-breaking solutions, our portfolio reflects some of the most interesting new organizations in the nonprofit sector." focuses on the generation born between 1976 and 1996 and they strive to bring them together to identify problems and then find community-based solutions.  They have invested over $200,000 in their participant's projects.  In working toward bringing increased power in the area of philanthropy to this generation, they hope to help them bring about sustainable change.

" has pioneered a transformative engagement and leadership development model that has resulted in Millennial-led solutions to some of the most critical problems being faced by our communities, and our country."

Unreasonable Institute
The Unreasonable Institute promises to "accelerate" their entrepreneurs and their ventures.  They want to provide support, mentoring, funding and networking opportunities.  Each year they bring many of these visionaries together to form relationships and make connections.  By offering training and increased exposure, they can also help to ensure that their entrepreneurs find success.

"Why We Exist - To create a world in which no one is limited by their circumstances.  Our Mission - To unlock entrepreneurial potential to overcome our world’s greatest challenges."

Manhattan Institute
In 2002, on the campus of the University of California in Berkeley, The Manhattan Institute was founded in response to what students felt were unfair tuition hikes.  They were concerned that many people would not be able to afford this educational opportunity.  In the last 30 years, they have helped many people develop their ideas for social reform in the areas of politics, taxes, healthcare, the legal system, education, culture and many other important issues.

"Each year, the Manhattan Institute presents the William E. Simon Prize for Lifetime Achievement in Social Entrepreneurship to the founder or leader of a clearly effective organization who has emerged as a prominent public leader in his/her field."

Global Social Venture Competition
This competition awards $50,000 in prizes to the social entrepreneurs who present ideas that best provide a road to a real world impact.  By transforming their ideas into viable businesses, they can then be brought to the attention of potential investors.  As of today, they have awarded over $250,000 to help fund social entrepreneurs.

"GSVC has evolved into a global network supported by an international community of volunteer judges, mentors and student organizers and a partnership of premier business schools in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa."

Esamaritan is another online source of valuable information which can be found in our toolbox and our community forum.  When you are ready to join the discussion, please contact us.