For many small and medium-sized nonprofits, daily operations are often a constant juggling act. The ability to efficiently manage a scarcity of resources while constantly advancing the organization’s mission is a skill that most successful directors and managers must possess. A few decades ago, nonprofits without a substantially large bank account and donor list had little chance of surviving, let alone thriving, in a resource-poor environment. With the explosion of the Internet and new technologies designed to provide easier access to content and collaboration, those days have changed.

In today’s society, nonprofits on a shoestring budget can successfully achieve their goals by leveraging an enormous portfolio of online resources. On several occasions our organization has relied upon these tools to efficiently manage different facets of our work. One of the most challenging environments for us has been the legal context surrounding the operations of our company.

One particular tool that our organization has successfully relied upon in the past is Nolo is a great resource for nonprofit organizations. Most of their content online is free and updated regularly. In addition to a host of articles, and FAQ’s on successfully running a nonprofit, they provide legal forms and software specifically designed for nonprofit use. They also actively publish several guides, which can be found on, including – “Every Nonprofits Tax Guide”, “Starting and Building A Nonprofit”, and “Nonprofit, Meetings, Minutes, and Records”.


Overall, is a great tool that non-profits can harness to further their organizational objectives. They have an incredible array of resources designed to help small and large nonprofits alike. If your nonprofit has utilized Nolo in the past or has specific questions regarding this service we would love to hear your thoughts below.

By Allyn Anderson of LiberiaNow