Nonprofits have many new ways to raise money by using the Internet to their advantage. A nonprofit needs to have more than an online form to use for accepting donations. New nonprofit methods to connect with supporters and accept donations include the use of mobile devices, text messaging, and social networks.

Online Payment System

Nonprofit organizations can use online payment systems to accept donations from supporters. The use of an online payment system can process payments made by credit cards. A reader attachment for the mobile device allows an organization to accept donations at community events. One online service that is available for this purpose is called Square.

Text Message Donations

Another opportunity for a nonprofit can include the use of a text message donation. When a supporter makes a donation via a text message the amount is charged to their monthly bill. One service that can be used to collect donations from your fundraising campaign is called mGive. Donations made via text message can be in increments of $5 or $10.

Social Networks

Nonprofit organizations can create fan pages for specific fundraising campaigns. Ads can also be used to attract new supporters for a special cause. To fund raise specifically to Twitter we recommend the book Twitter for Good by Claire Diaz-Ortiz. This book outlines the different types of fundraising campaigns and when to best use them. Causes is an application that can be used to collect donations from supporters. Nonprofits can use this application to create a new cause for the purpose of collecting donations.

Additional Information

A nonprofit that sends out a weekly or monthly newsletter can add a link to their social media page or to a donation page on their site. This is a great way for nonprofits to engage supporters if a new cause or campaign needs to be advertised. If you have any questions about any new nonprofit methods, then contact us for more information .