The use of social media provides nonprofits with a platform for attracting donors. If you are looking for different nonprofit outsourcing options, then many alternatives are available. Review various options that can be used by any organization to attract donations.


This is a fundraising platform that has raised over $104 million to date. Users can sign up using an email address, a Google+ account or a Facebook account. Creating a fundraiser is a simple process. You need to enter the name or your organization and a name for your fundraiser. This will give your fundraiser a specific page that can be used for donors to give to your cause. A donation widget can also be added to Facebook to give fans of your cause the ability to make a donation.


This is a great way for a nonprofit that wants to use a grassroots service to gain donations. The sign up process is simple for anyone who currently does not have a charity created on the site. Users can create an account using social network sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google. The sharing of a fundraiser is easy with one-click options. Check out this site for their call to action tag lines for social media posts.


This is a simple site that nonprofits can use to create a fundraising event. A widget can be added to your website, social network page or you can have your own dedicated page. Donations will be sent to your PayPal account. This means that all donations go to directly to your organization.


This is a fundraising option for nonprofits that require an international reach. Donations can be sent in over 75 currencies. Nonprofit organizations will need to create an account on the site in order to accept donations. A Giving Widget is also an option that can be placed on your website.

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