In the old Western movies, the good guys wore white, and the bad guys wore black. It was easy to see who to root for in the gun fights. However, it’s not that easy to see which organizations are doing the most with the resources they have. Stories of nonprofit organizations being weighted down with heavy operating costs or high salaried employees have made many reluctant to give to charity. When a person gives to a cause only to learn that less than a third of their money actually ends up with the beneficiaries, they grow more reluctant to give to any cause.  Nonprofit transparency can help potential donors see that you are the good guys dressed in white.

When a nonprofit organization brings a good cause to the public eye, there will always be people willing to contribute, whether that is through monetary donations, time or goods and services. However, with the unfortunate misuse of resources by some nonprofit organizations, many donors are mistrustful of giving to organizations without understanding exactly where their donations are going, what the organization does, who they are helping, in addition to seeing results. Nonprofit transparency is essential to the success of any organization and cause.

An excellent way to improve transparency is to register with an organization such as GuideStar or Charity Navigator to improve your visibility. Groups such as these allow you to explain your organization’s goals, achievements, vision, and progress much better than the details available through the IRS form 990 that you are required to make public. The IRS 990 form does not allow the details of your organization to shine through. By creating a profile with GuideStar or Charity Navigator, you are giving potential donors a much more in depth view of what your organization.  By listing a detailed mission statement, financial progress towards your goals, specific programs that you have, and future plans of your organization, donors can see exactly who you are, what you have already done, and what you plan to do in the future. They will be able to see that you are the good guys.

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