The success of a nonprofit typically rests upon its ability to reach out to donors and, in particular, find long term members. This process is often one of the greatest hurdles that such an organization must overcome. There can, of course, be large imbalances between what is needed versus the size of donations that people are willing or able to afford. Some organizations may have to find and maintain a great volume of donors, while others may establish deep and lasting relationships with a handful of highly generous donors. Both situations require nonprofits to be adept at finding and building relationships, as well as maintaining a donor database. Fortunately, nonprofit technology solutions such as Sage Fundraising Online can help an organization achieve its financial goals and thus free up greater resources for hiring talent and providing services.

It is important to note that the nature of fundraising , particularly the online component, has changed drastically with the rise of social media. Traditional media usually involves a very large investment for very little gain – sort of a “fire and forget” that yielded very few conversions. Even on the most engaging and interactive websites, potential donors may lose their desire to give after seeing a depersonalized or complex form.

However, social media channels allow for extremely reliable and personalized sharing. When a donation link and message come from a trusted friend or connection, the person is more likely to donate. Sage Fundraising Online caters to this need by allowing users to donate using customized forms from any web page or online source, so that donations are facilitated when the person is most inspired to give. 

Furthermore, donations do not have to be centralized: every donor can become an online advocate. One of Sage Fundraising Online's greatest strengths is that it allows donors to easily embed the donation forms on their own web pages, thereby taking advantage of the multiplying effects of networks. 

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