A few years ago, Google launched a set of tools called Google for Nonprofits to help nonprofit organizations improve awareness for their cause, reach more donors, find new volunteers, and improve efficiency in their operations. Through this program, nonprofits have access to a suite of premium Google tools and services for free or at a highly discounted rate.  Listed below are the premium tools available to nonprofits through this program.


Google Apps for Nonprofit
This product allows nonprofits to utilize the benefits of cloud computing for more cost-effective real-time collaboration.  Nonprofits can save money on IT costs by moving infrastructure like email, calendar and document sharing into the cloud.  Google Apps for Nonprofit is free to nonprofits with fewer than 3,000 users and is offered at a 40% discount of organizations with more than 3,000 users.


Google Grants
Google Grants, nonprofits actually receive up to $10,000 per month in in-kind advertising through the Google AdWords platform.  This is a fabulous opportunity for nonprofits to leverage online advertising to promote their organization, raise awareness and reach more potential donors and volunteers, basically for free! 


YouTube for Nonprofits
While you might already have a YouTube page for your nonprofit, the 
YouTube for Nonprofits product will allow you to fully customize your nonprofit page to match your branding as well as add a convenient “Donate Now” button next to the videos you upload.  You can also place a “call to action” overlay on your videos and increased uploading capacity. 


Google Earth Outreach
Through Google Earth Outreach, your nonprofit can use tools like Google Earth and Google Maps to help visualize your cause and move people to action. This can be especially helpful to nonprofits that have global impact or a compelling environmental cause. With Google Earth Outreach, you can create custom maps of your project sites, create a narrative Google Earth movie, collect data in the field with an Android device and more. 


Google also has universally free tools like Google+ and Google Analytics that nonprofits and business can take advantage of as well. 


For more information, visit the Google for Nonprofits webpage.  For other ideas on how to utilize technology in your nonprofit, check out the E-samaritan blog or contact E-samaritan