Now that you've turned your passion for social reform into a nonprofit enterprise, you have to assess the best strategies to drive growth. But how do you motivate a team that is already swamped with the day-to-day running of the organization?

 Similar to a profit-driven business, many back office tasks are outside the scope of the management team due to a lack of time or available expertise. Nonprofit outsourcing becomes a valid alternative not only for the stressed nonprofit manager, but also for the board or target population who demands results.

 Outsourcing tasks within a nonprofit may seem contrary to its purpose, especially when funds are limited.  However, the opposite can be true.  The non-profit coordinating committee of New York explains that it can be the logical answer to the challenge facing thousands of today's nonprofit managers. They will further argue that outsourcing reduces time devoted to certain tasks, enabling more attention to be focused on the mission of the organization.

 One particular case study came from a human resources outsourcing firm, in which an organization was started and run by two women who wore all the hats.  From strategic leadership to tactical execution, they did it all.  In researching their own path to growth, they recognized their HR function did not adequately address all the challenges they now faced.  Within months of selecting a vendor, tangible results were reported, including reduced staff expenses and insurance costs.

 Nonprofit outsourcing is another tool in an ever-expanding toolkit for the nonprofit entrepreneur. Contact us to broaden yours.