When you started your nonprofit, you may or may not have had a clear plan for raising money. Many nonprofits do have consistent sources of money which include wealthy donors, wealthy family donors, business donations, or government grants. However, not every nonprofit organization receives the same funding.

According to recent statistics, though 70% of Americans admit to giving to a nonprofits every year, religious organizations top the list as the highest "earning," nonprofit organizations (receiving approx. $102.32 billion annually, 33.4% of the total giving). Education organizations come in second at 12.1%, while health, societal benefits and international affairs charities tow the middle.

Surprisingly, charities that benefit the environment and animals come in last at 2.3% of the total giving, which is odd considering all of the popular media attention these causes seem to receive. If your nonprofit is one of the organizations that tends to garner less public interest, and you have struggled to find resources, you might have to take a different path to reach your goals and find new methods of fundraising.

More and more, heads of nonprofits are realizing that running your charity like a business can bring you a more secure operating budget and more money altogether if you do it right. This, in turn, gives you more money to do more good for the cause you are so passionate about.

Don't let the idea of running your nonprofit like a business get you down either. It's not nearly as hard or as boring as it probably sounds right now. One of the best ways to jump into this end of things is to pick up some brainstorming and innovation strategies that work well for you, and use them to come up with creative ways to market your nonprofit through exciting events, and by giving awesome rewards that your donors really want.

There are many great books on the subject of innovation and a lot of free information online as well. As a newbie, you might find "25 Ways to Be More Creative," by Christina DesMarais and "How to Innovate A Step-by-Step Guide to Changing the Game" by Ann Friedman," helpful; and before you know it, you might start having fun, brainstorming new, business-minded ways to effectively promote your charity.

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