Today you are really going to enjoy the two sites we cover. My misses and I recently launched businesses and so had to each get a logo. While doing our research we came across two super cool sites where you can get a logo designed and not have to break the bank. 

Typically if you are going to get a logo designed it runs somewhere in the area of $500 and up. I am here to tell you peeps that you can now get a logo for as little as $149. The area of cloud computing has made the world a consumer's paradise. Both of the sites I am going to describe are redefining the way logos and sites get created and delivered to customers. No longer do you have to pay an artist vast sums of money for great designs. Lets me show you how it's done.



The first site I am going to talk about is 99 Designs. I can't even tell you how cool this site is. Once again I heard about this site while reading Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie.  I recently needed to make a logo for a group that I am apart of and so I decided to try these guys out. The process was absolutely amazing and fun. 

The first thing you do is fill out a design brief describing what your organization does. Then you get to select 3 logos that you like from 7 generic logos that are all made in a different style. This is so they can get a feel of what your personal style is and then build upon that. They have the standard color stuff but the part that I thought was very cool was the values section. You are given 8 values and for each one you are to choose how much or little you want to communicate from them. Examples include feminine / masculine, young / mature, modern / classic, etc. 

The way 99 Designs works is that every project is a "contest." You submit your project and designers take a look and start submitting logos for you to view. The more information you give and the more you communicate the more submissions you will get. A lot of these designers have other jobs and do this on the side to make money and build up their design portfolio. This is great because you have some serious talent trying to win your contest and make some cash on the side. Once the contest is launched there is also a part where designers can go to "watch" your contest. I thought this was cool because it created the feeling that everyone submitting really wanted to impress the other designers that were looking at their work. 

If you reach a point where you run into a snag you can pick up the bat phone and get help from social media. 99 Designs has a very nifty polling tool where you can create a poll, pick a couple of logos that you want your friends to give feedback on and fire it out. You can post this to FB, Twitter, or email the link to someone. 

After you pick your design you award one of the logos as the "winner." You also have a set amount of time to do this so you have to be really involved in the process which I think is good. After that you sign an online agreement for the logo copyright, wait for the designers to upload the files and off you go! 

Price: The starting price for a logo is $295. They have a $495 package and a $695package but because I am an eSamaritan I went with the lowest price. They also have a 100% money back guarantee which is nice to see. Although during the contest if you want to attract more designers you can update the contest guaranteeing that you are going to award a winner. I did this with my logo and literally overnight got about 10 new submissions. 

This is a screenshot of the logo I had them create for me. 
(sorry if anyone is offended)

The second logo design shop is called The Logo Company. As with 99 Designs this site does a ton more than just logo design but today we aren't talking about the other stuff. My misses and I both used this site to get logos created for our businesses which I will show you in a second. 

The process is very simple and straight forward which I liked. You have to give the designers basic stuff like describing your company and what you are tying to do. As with all types of design the more you can help them out the better the logos will turn out. Don't make the mistake of saying, "I will just see what they can do" and not give them any feedback. These designers are not mind readers so please help them along. 

Once you have submitted your information you get an email from the Logo Company. From that email you have to log into BaseCamp to start the project. This company uses BaseCamp to manage all of these logo design projects. Once logged in there is a detailed section explaining how the process works, expected timeframes, and what is expected from you the cusotmer. For those that don't know, BaseCamp is a online collaboration tool that we talked about in our last blog post. How cool is that! 

After a certain time period you will get about 5 or 6 logo designs from different designers. From that point you need to start giving them lots of feedback so they can make revisions or start over. The Logo Company will tell you that if you get past 3 stages of revisions they will give you a call. Their reason is that by the time the designers get to design number 3 they really should be headed in the right direction. Once you get there someone will contact you so they can re-evaluate the project and get everyone back on track. I love how these guys have really mastered their process in order to get the price down. Any six sigma should be applauding these guys. 

Price: The starting price for a logo is $149. After I purchased my logo from these guys I actually asked them if I could buy one of the other logos submitted but that wasn't my first choice. The designer charged me an extra $40. (note: this is not policy so please don't expect this every time)

Examples from The Logo Company include the logo for this very site which can be seen below. 


If you want to see the logo my wife had designed you can visit her website ( She started a business that specializes in birth photography. I think The Logo Company did a great job of representing what she is doing. 


I have to admit I had a lot of fun creating the two logos I bought and I didn't even create them. The world of online tools has changed so much that what once used to cost you a lot you can get for substantially less. This is how one can harness the power of online tools. Tell us about others we should know about!