In November 2010 I left the big public IT company to get back to my start-up roots and roll the dice all over again. I joined an SEO / PPC company where I was in charge of the entire support operation. While assessing what the team needed I quickly realized that we were in need of some tools if we were going to be mean lean start-up machines.

I knew that I needed to get some type of project management tool to replace all the custom stuff we had going on in Salesforce. Don’t get me wrong Salesforce is a great tool but for what we were doing it was not the tool we needed and to get it to that point would have cost us money we didn’t have.

I set out trying to see what SaaS (Software As A Service) products were out there for online ticketing and project management tools. I called a few resourceful friends and they pointed me to a site that my old company had put together. I have since learned that there are a couple of sites like this and I would like to show them to you in this blog post.

App Matcher

This was the tool that first used to find what I was looking for. If you are looking for a SaaS product you first need to fill out a small form which is basically your company profile. Based on what you enter your results will be tailored to give you the software that you need given the size of your business and what you are doing. The only downside is that I am not a big fan of filling out forms.


Small Business Web

This website was the next one that I found in my online travels and it really did have a lot of information. The cool thing about SBW is that when you click on a product they give you a really good summary page that includes pricing along with some screen shots of the product. The downside is that you can feel overwhelmed from the selection they have.


In my opinion GetApp is the defending heavyweight champ in this space. Their site really does give you as much information and you can ask for from a site like this. First search by category with their helpful drop down or do a search for your product type. Once you do GetApp will give you a long list of products that match what you are looking for. Their summary is by far the most comprehensive I have seen. You get screen shots, videos, pricing information, and a link to the site. The the biggest feature for me is that people can give reviews of the software. That is absolutely priceless.

Additional Information