If you're in need of inspiration as a nonprofit – whether you're starting a new company, looking to branch out, or searching for new methods of fundraising – a great place to find a quick dose of inspiration, and perhaps even some fundraising opportunities is RockThePost.com.

RockThePost's vision is simple: create an online meeting place where accredited investors can view the pitches of entrepreneurs and fund their ideas.


Its site design is ingenious, as it should be, considering its claim to be a hub for ultra tech-savvy investors and entrepreneurs. The first thing you see is a sparse area -- not unlike Google -- with a few simple boxes and a basic question: how much money does your start-up need? You simply enter the amount, the name of your company, and then the fun begins. Of course, for-profit companies have an obvious edge, but nonprofits can attract venture capital if they understand how to communicate their value to potential investors.


In addition to the brilliant way that RockThePost uses the Internet to connect companies with investors, the most fun part of the site is its browsable gallery of ideas that have been funded through RockThePost. Some of these innovative ideas are jaw-dropping and inspiring, including:


1. CrowdSYNC

This innovative start-up has found a way to sync fan footage from a concert or any live event and place it all at your fingertips to edit and splice as if you were the editor of a music video. It can even sync fan footage with professional footage and use the better sounding audio from the pro track as the primary sound. It’s a creative and fun way to create a vivid memory of a shared experience between friends and fans.


2. AnyCloud

This company has created cloud technology that consolidates every possible source where you have photos stored, -- home computer, emails, social media sites, other cloud storage sites -- grabs all of them for you and organizes them all in one easy-to-navigate and manage location. Its vision is bigger than photos: it aims to eventually create the same centralization tool for videos, documents, and, well, any file type that people store. If it catches and becomes the go-to tool for content management, it could become the next Google.


3. SocialGlimpz

This innovative tool for companies trying to gauge consumer sentiment uses the vast proliferation of social media to pinpoint what consumers really want. The app has a brilliant way of giving users a Twitter-like method of responding to different questions about products, and then aggregating the results in its patented analysis tool to produce a result. The overall vision of the product is to give companies a true glimpse through the eyes of the consumer.

These ideas represent the tip of the iceberg at RockThePost. Reading about successful ideas can help you get the wheels turning and perhaps inspire a new idea of your own.

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