Don't Panic I'm Hispanic

  Name: Lorenzo Gomez, III

  Jobby Job: Founder of eSamaritan

 Favorite Book: The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway

 The Picture: That is me teaching Novice Nepalese Buddhist Monks how to do fake Kung Fu poses. (and yes I know I look like a terrorist :-)

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Our Mission

Our mission here at eSamaritan is very simple; connect organizations that need technology with technology. We are going to give small businesses and non-profits the tools they need to do more with less.  Today's entrepreneur has access to an entire world of online tools that are either totally free or very very cheap. And when I say cheap I mean less than the cost of your monthly gym membership cheap. This site will be where people come to learn about those tools and then share their experience so that future non-profits, start-ups, and entrepreneurs can benefit from everyone's successes and failures.

Our Community

What you are not going to see on this website is any one person trying to dominate the conversation or prove how smart they are to the rest of the world. What you are going to see are various eSamaritans posting their knowledge on our blog, forums, Facebook page, and Twitter page. The idea is to grow the community to the point where technology people and entrepreneurs are posting and solving their problems without our help or facilitation. 

Long Term Vision

Connecting organizations with technology is just step one. Once our community is growing and collaborating like a good community should our goal is to expand. We want to connect technology companies that want to help non-profits to them. We want to help non-profits pick the best vendors for them and do it with honesty and integrity. We also want to have a place where the next generation of young people can come and get involved with either really cool technology start-ups or join the non-profit of their dreams and go change the world. 

But for now one step at a time :-)