Want to use your spending power to change the world? These organizations are making sure that what you spend your money on doesn't go to things like child labor or horrible working conditions in other countries. 


Free to Work is a website where you can look-up companies and see what their fair trade score is. They have definitions for all the various items they are grading the company on. My only critique is that their database of companies is not that big but they are adding more as time goes on. The concept is great so I am a big supporter of it. 

TradeAsOne is an organization that partners with people selling goods made in impoverished 3rd world countries and sells their products in the west. They make sure that all of the businesses are fair trade compliant  and do a great job of it. Example: if you were going to buy a purse anyway buy it on TradeAsOne. One of the purse shops takes women out of the prostitution industry and give them a job in their factory. That is true spending power!